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Has no one told you? [entries|friends|calendar]
Obsessive Compulsive

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The betrayal of livejournal. [27 Aug 2005|12:01pm]
[ mood | awake ]


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Recent [14 Aug 2005|04:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, jus finishd my freshmen classes. I go on the floor and actually get to do ppl's hair next week, well, tuesday. Should be interesting.

Saw Gravytrain last night in Oakland, badass. Badass.

Playing L2 again. Will i always be a geek?

Ant got me a ring, pink saphire with diamond accents, its beautiful :)

Not much else goin on. Cant wait till XMas, my mom made me make a list so she didnt have to find me some random shit i "might" like this year, so of course i listed a new ipod, digi cam, and new shears. i dont need much else than upgrades on what i already have, been a while since i got new stuff hehe. my old ipod is too small, sellin my digi cam to steven, and my shears are worthless.

meh, guess thats it.


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o.O [16 May 2005|09:02am]
[ mood | sick ]


I havent updated in a while but Miss Mariah said "you havent updated in hella days!!!" so apparently it gets read =P

I've been going to school at the Federico Beauty Institute, almost in my 3rd cycle, its kinda...dramatic, but fun nonetheless.


ppl have also been getting on my case about not having a My Space, so im making one...slowly but surely. Dont really have time to mess with it as much as others but hey, if i can update this thing once in a while, why not a second online social life account?

My Space

Um...lets see what else...

Went to a show the other night at Bottom of The Hill. Lovely Band, check em out:


Star Wars this week, yes i am still a geek. I still game. Been playin Guild Wars in my spare time. Easy MMO, WoW style, but i like the good ol' open PvP of Lineage and the non Instancedness of it but oh well.

Cut my hair to a A-Line. its red and black. if i had a picture i might have posted it but i dont atm.

uhm....yea. i request somewhere new to hang out other than starbucks, its getting old. i want baci back :(

thats it.


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Yo Ho Yo Ho. [11 Oct 2004|01:08pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Cancun: 1/1/5 - 1/8/5

I've worked it out and my real estate course should be done by spring, i'll take my test and be working by summer.


goddamn its windy >.

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Tiffany's. [08 Aug 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]


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I soooo want this :P [02 Aug 2004|07:56pm]


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%$&%#!&$@*!^$%&#&!!! [14 Jul 2004|07:38pm]
[ mood | worthless. ]

Moving. Havent moved in almost 18 years. Moved stuff to beach house and stuff to the house in town. My room is a bit bigger i suppose. Two story place. yada yada yada. just over halfway moved in.

With my moving, lineage 2 obsession, and overall summertime attitude, im in grave danger of failing my CIS1 class im in at the moment. i should have never taken the condensed version of this class. very very bad. BAD BRANDI.

Anthony is gunna start training me at the Game Warden on tuesdays. should be interesting. after all the time i've spent there, working there...hehe. wow.

lemme see what else...

oakenfold n crystal meth on the 24th.

OH. HA!! So apparently steven thinks im some kinda crack whore. o.O

ya huh, was talkin to Jenn, joe's gf (steven=joe's bro) and she said that steven wanted me to know that he didnt want me "doing anything" around his little cousin, whom was supposed to go to a concert with us, which i ended up bailing on cuz of this bullshit.

I havent talked to steven since this blasphemy was raised, but i would kinda like to know who the fuck is tellin ppl im on crack n speed n god knows what else. im a caffiene junky. sue me.

But what really bugs me is that steven, hXc sXe guy whom ive known since early high school, BELIEVED it. this rumor from some random asshole!! yea gg steven. gj bein a good friend and AT LEAST givin me the benefit of the doubt =)

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hmmm [26 Jun 2004|02:36am]
Oakenfold/Crystal Method - July 24th: Warfield

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Summer [01 Jun 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

wOOt rev horton heat at hootenanny this year! Hootenanny

and...i wanna go to LadyFest

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[27 May 2004|11:07am]
[ mood | artistic ]

i r want scholarship to academy :(

check these out, very cool art. wish i could produce half of this kind of talent in my photography



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Bribery amongst family members. [24 May 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | calm ]

K so here's what happened today.

Parents call me wanting to talk money about the house. Having $300 to my name, i knew where it would lead.

We talked and it turns out that even with 2 ppl helpin with rent, i would need a $12.50/hr job at least to cover all expenses.

Apparently there is a Capital Gain issue, and they will have to pay a lot of money in taxes when they sell the house. But if they sell the house now, they dont have to pay it, and come out of it with a lot of money in hand.

So what does my father do? He bribes me.

Dad - "If you let us sell the house you get: The money we would have had to pay in taxes if we waited, this will go towards your college fund. I will put half of what you would pay for a new car of your choice - then help you get a loan for the other half, and you can help me decorate the gameroom by helping me pick out a pool table"

Myself, in no position to argue and without the heart to say no, said yes to this amazing offer. I will miss this house dearly, my childhood home. But shit, im gettin a new car! ;)

Anyways, so now...scratch muh last post, im only livin here alone till they sell it. I can receive the mail till the adresses change perminantly. And i will also be able to know what its like livin alone, for a while at least. Then i will move into my new home in Brown's Valley. Yes, thats right. Next to the ghetto, on Mt. Rocky. Nice neighborhood tho, and adorable lil house. lol, lil. pffft, this place is huge :P

I think things will work out for the best. So now i dont have to rush to get a job, i can still maybe work for joe if he still needs me, and relax till I am the one who must move.

The only problem with the new place...I dont know if they have DSL in that area of town or not o.O

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.... [23 May 2004|05:22pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

So...it would appear that my parents are gunna be moving out soon, and that i will be needing roommates as i will be living here and need to pay rent..

um...yea, never lived alone before, not quite sure how i feel about this. But i guess it'll be fine right? i like staying alone, how different could living alone be?

Anyways, im gunna put locks on all 4 bedrooms once they are empty and at some point see which of my nonflakey-jobhaving friends are lookin to move.

This should be interesting.

For now, guess i should start looking a lil more avidly for a job :-S

Wish ppl owned fucking cell phones for christ's sake. Its gettin harder n harder to get a hold of ppl. i swears it.

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Why do i still have this journal? [22 May 2004|06:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Dear synthetic peice of webpage which i have pasted my life into over the years and havent touched in months,

Lets see shall we? Baci closed while i was in Europe, no where to hang out now. Starbucks is crawling with the same fucking ppl that have always been there, i hate them so.

What else...oh yea, more online drama. Tis what i get for gaming so much. But hey, i find it fun, ironically, the misery that follows the preteen attitudes towards the smallest of things is really kind of annoying after a while, but deep down, gaming is fun. period.

Speaking of gaming...Joe at Thats Player said he might wanna hire me for the summer. Do i wanna work in the back of the game warden, guiding little boys to computers and selling them power drinks and soup when they feel it is their time? i suppose.

The Alchemy is still not out. blast.

It seems rather strange how i have drifted away from everything i used to think was my life. My friends are completely different, and i have no idea what the original friends are doing these days, or where the hell they are, or how the hell to get a hold of them.

I miss being able to develop my own pictures. it was a pasttime i enjoyed greatly and sorely miss. Maybe someday i'll take another class and use the college's dark room :)

So what do you do when yr 18, scattered friends, and no cafe to loiter at?

Theres still a void in my life.. I wish i had the means to fill it :-/

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I'm going going, back back, to...Eurrrope Eurrrope.... :-S [29 Feb 2004|12:03pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

March 11 Fly out of SFO

March 12 Arrive Amsterdam

March 12,13,14 Amsterdam

March 15 Train to London

March 15,16,17,18 London

March 19 Train to Paris

March 19,20,21,22,23 Paris

March 24 Train to Amsterdam

March 24 Amsterdam

March 25 Fly Home

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When there is nothing left to do with my time... [28 Feb 2004|12:25am]
[ mood | bored ]

Your cruel device
Your blood, like ice
One look could kill
My pain, your thrill

I want to love you but I better not touch (Don't touch)
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much)
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison running through my veins
You're poison, I don't want to break these chains

Your mouth, so hot
Your web, I'm caught
Your skin, so wet
Black lace on sweat

I hear you calling and it's needles and pins (And pins)
I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name
Don't want to touch you but you're under my skin (Deep in)
I want to kiss you but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison running through my veins
You're poison, I don't wanna break these chains

One look could kill
My pain, your thrill
I want to love you but I better not touch (Don't touch)
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much)
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison running through my veins
You're poison, I don't wanna break these chains

I want to love you but I better not touch (Don't touch)
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much)
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison, yeah
I don't want to break these chains
Poison, oh no
Runnin' deep inside my veins,
Burnin' deep inside my veins
It's poison
I don't wanna break these chains

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All around me are familiar faces [27 Jan 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

The anticipation is killing me...

Kabuki: The AlchemyCollapse )
Also btw, i am officially graduated. just need my diploma :)

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subjekt [21 Jan 2004|12:55pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I've become so numb.

friday morning, last moment of buckinghamness.
happy? yea. burnt out.
been seeing things every day that remind me of the good times there tho.
see places i used to hang out, remember EVERYTHING
words, ppl, moments, thoughts.
i miss most of it very much.
1st semester of 9th grade was the best time ive had in years i think.
sometimes i wonder what went wrong.
again i remember.
sometimes i really do hate myself...
and sometimes i wish so much i could change the past -
to where it worked out -
that even HALF my best friends then -
i even talked to now...

guess its just kinda late for that. but hope never hurt anyone. so at least give me that. mmk?

for now...this hole seems cozy enough.


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And then there were none [12 Jan 2004|12:35pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i have t-minus LESS THAN TWO WEEKS left of my high school career. the ominous meaning of those words haunts my mind day and night as i strive to get my shit done. its been really stressful...

think im gunna go to the monster squad, whiskey rebels show on the 23rd...not sure tho. i guess im just really not into the local scene anymore. been too many years of the same old boring.

got a new desktop recently. to replace the shitty old quantex. i've been adding all kinds of programs, including ut2k3, halo, and mp2. just added back kazaa and winamp. found new DLing sites n stuff so its all i been doin lately. tried to DL the doom 3 demo, but it took wayyyy too long. 20 hours almost. so i gave up.

um...think thats about it for now.

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this is just fucking sad [02 Jan 2004|10:42am]
[ mood | hungry ]

JRS Last Show

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I hope your rottin down in hell for the horrors that you sent [17 Dec 2003|12:37pm]
[ mood | blah ]

havent updated in a while...

um. well, drama online as usual. writing damian off, never speaking to him again unless i HAVE to. tried to cope, tried to get along, no dice. fuck him.

still in drw, had my first match last night. was kinda crazy cuz i had no idea we even had a match and they needed me to play so...i did. sushi played to, which was cool. we lost tho, heh. got ventrilo working as well :)

school is kinda gettin hectic. im worried about my senior portfolio, barely have ANYTHING for it. before break tests were easy. one was a word search/crossword puzzle and the other was basically "copy yr notes".

leaving for disneyland friday. im looking fwd to it. i admit, i wholeheartedly still love disneyland and every aspect of it :)

i considered asking pete if he wanted to meet...i didnt ask him tho, just kinda stepped around the subject. so many things could happen, good or bad if we met. i dunno...just curious i guess. heh.

and...OH YEAH. been hellllla workin on my room. half the walls are black, and i have parquet floor. new style of posters. new furniture. just new. it was time for a change. my parents have actually been very helpful in it. im looking fwd to when its finally done. ive been sleeping on the couch since september. mostly cuz im just too lazy and didnt wanna actually START working on my room, now that its almost done, i cant wait :)

saw lord of the rings last night at midnight. it was cool. very good ending. ish. when we got there, the regular seats were all taken mostly, so in order to get three seats together, joe got some chairs from the break room for us to sit in. very nice, ty joe.

and...yeah. think thats it for now.

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